Professional 3D Terrain Generation Software with high level of automation.

Create fully featured terrains cost-effectively for ground, automotive, flight or maritime purposes. Take advantage of our unmatched road editing and generation capabilities.

3D Terrain Generation Software for Real-Time Environments

Multitude of Simulation and Game Environments

Use Trian3DBuilder’s unique capabilities to generate fully featured terrains optimized for real-time rendering. Additional functionalities can be added with specific modules. Purchase only the ones you really need and expand the software’s abilities when necessary.

High-end Quality from Real World Data

Trian3DBuilder is targeting game quality with a fraction of the effort and the cost. A big number of GIS formats are supported and their vectors automatically assigned with Trian3DBuilder’s easy to use wizard. Import OSM, HERE RDF or other types of data and quickly create the most complex road networks.

High level of Automation

Our approach to terrain generation is automatized and therefore time and cost effective. Set up your project in minutes, generate your preferred format and load the result into your target platform.

Create Buildings, Airports, Roads and more

Create fully featured urban or rural landscapes, roads, tracks, ports, airports or even building interiors in a matter of minutes. Real-world navigation data is analyzed and parametrized automatically.

Intuitive Editing

Edit your data in Trian3DBuilder’s interactive 2D or 3D WYSIWYG mode and create the results you want easily and quickly.

Individualized Service and Support

Choose a maintenance contract to automatically receive all software updates and benefit from our premium customer support within 24 hours. Receive personalized advice and help with your projects.

Packed with lots of Features


High-detailed open world environments optimized for real-time rendering


Complex road networks for autonomous driving tests & other applications


Create vast databases for flight simulations including fully-featured airports


Databases from nautical charts, can be combined with ground databases

About us

TrianGraphics is a Berlin based software company, specialized in all aspects of virtual terrain generation and real-time simulation.

Our Mission

The company’s mission is to develop innovative, complete 3D solutions for all kind of terrains. We value direct contact and communication to help our customers to achieve their individual goals.

Our Offer

We are offering professional services in terrain modeling and software development in the field of computer graphics and real-time simulation. Make use of high professional support from our fully-trained team of database experts.

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